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a pixelart gif of asbestos arknights in a deep cave, her lantern lighting up her and her tea kettle as she sits with her drink.  a pixelart gif asbestos stands in a river with her door-shield, shifting it to get a better grip. its dark. there are some masked individuals hidden out in the darkness. a pixelart gif of asbestos with her raincoats hood up, and her headphones on. shes crouched down, yawning and trying to keep out of the rain. she is surrounded by foliage and forest. this gif is also the header for this site.

i made these three gifs when asbestos was going to finally drop in global arknights. one is currently my header! i did all three in a single day staerting at like, 3am and after a nap in the afternoon i was done.

a collection of pixel art animations featuring shaw. they depict her standing with a fire axe, blinking; putting batteries in a fire detector; holding a dripping fire hose; adjusting her helmet while sweating a bit; and instructing an annoyed ifrit on fire safety.

I LOVE SHAW ARKNIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the feelings i was letting out making this. i think she should get everything.

Hi i watched Akiba Maid War and I am Forever Changed. These are some doodles about just that.

What watching videos for class does to you

I refuse to be normal about this fucking panda. Anyway, I was trying out a limited pallete and i think it was fun! I think this episode really made the show. The question of whether he would have taken Ranko... or fufilled the mission.... the agony of Okachimachi.... Ranko..... auuuuuuuuuuuu

i was thinking of my favorite Gravel image (here) and then my friend for a second thought she was Astolfo they are going to the game together ^-^

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