I made this site to have a cool little repository for my interests and stuff I work on, which can be pretty varied. I plan to phase out social media as my mains for this, so wish me luck! If this site is dead you'll know what happened then I guess... but life marches on. I'm pretty happy just having gotten this up! I do have my usual socials linked at the bottom, if you wanna see those.

about me

Hi! I go by Bread or Freddie on the internet. I like playing videogames, reading yuri, and engaging with my hobbies. My hobbies include taking apart and building electronics and building models, mostly of tanks and cute stuff like that. I'm a huuuge fan of tanks and i like guns in general, someday if I get rich I'm gonna have both haha.

Game series I like: Nancy Drew games, Metro series, Guilty Gear, London Detective Mysteria, Dark Disciples 2, Arknights, Professor Layton, ODDWORLD, Etrian Odyssey

Bands I like: Guerilla Toss, The Beths, HIMEI, hodila izba, Гш (Glintshake), OOPS, Otoboke Beaver, Squid, ЗАЛПОМ (Zalpom)

a pixelart animation of shaw, a firefighter squirrel from the game arknights, standing neutrally and blinking with a fireaxe in her hand